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Kickboxing consists of a combination of fighting techniques from other arts including Boxing, Thai boxing, Karate and Kung Fu.

Kickboxing is actually one of the UK’s fastest growing forms of exercise, attracting large numbers of newcomers male and female because of its unrivalled benefits in terms of fitness, body-sculpting, self-confidence and overall wellbeing.

kickboxing training improves balance, flexibility, stamina, strength and posture and also has a mental element which not only improves the mind’s focus but also helps provide confidence and self control - whether you're 6 or 75.

So come along and start today !!!!!

Membership entitles students to train at the club , purchase a club uniform , and the chance to follow a syllabus for grading examinations/belts and certificates. Becoming a member is easy, first enjoy your first trial of our Kickboxing classes, simply come along to any of our classes and give it a go!

License Insurance & membership 

Licenses are required for all students, which also cover gradings and competitions (if you choose to grade or compete – you don’t have to!), you do not need to get a license to trial any of our Kickboxing classes, however, if after your trial you choose to join, you will be required to purchase a (Club Uniform) and a license (which also includes insurance cover & membership).

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